AC Component Specialists offers onsite rebuild services for select HVACR screw compressors. There are many advantages of having your compressors rebuilt on site. Each compressor is rebuilt to factory specifications.

Save Money!

Eliminate the high cost of cranes or possible permits by having our technicians come to you and rebuild onsite. Even if the main casing is damaged beyond repair, ACCS technicians will have all of the parts necessary to assemble a complete compressor and have you up and going again. After each completed rebuild, we remain onsite for the startup to confirm your complete satisfaction – no need to worry, we’ll get the job done right the first time!

Don’t Take Our Word For It: A Customer’s Testimonial

Recently, we experienced a catastrophic failure to one of our Hitachi Screw Compressors. Don immediately put together his “A Team”, they put together all components necessary to complete a full on-site overhaul, if necessary, of the failed compressor. They only replace what is necessary.

To sum up the entire experience, I’d have to say it was “fantastic”. Don, Eric, and Fred were great to work with. I’d highly recommend the on-site overhaul.Steve G., HVAC Specialist