There are currently three models of the HITACHI screw compressors available to the North American market. The 40, 50, and 60 horsepower models are available in 230 and 460 voltage.Your choice of R-22, R-134a, and R-407C refrigerants are applicable to these compressors.

AC Component Specialists, Inc. is the North American technical support center for the Hitachi refrigeration screw compressors.

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Why Choose HITACHI?

Highly Advanced. Proven Technology

Throughout the world and especially in the United States there is a tremendous demand for high performance air conditioning and refrigeration compressors that provide high efficiency and high reliability, while still meeting the levels of low operating noise and minimal vibration found in today’s strict design specifications.

HITACHI horizontal screw compressors are the exact solution! The advanced, yet simple, design and construction eliminates the unwanted high maintenance and noisy components like pistons, connecting rods, valve plates, oil pumps, and mechanical linkages for capacity control which are found in reciprocating compressors.

Pioneered and developed in the late 1960’s, HITACHI was the first to engineer and introduce open drive compressors in 1973. In 1979, HITACHI again led the way and introduced the first semi-hermetic screw compressors of 40 to 60 horsepower.
Giving the efficiency, reliability, low noise, and minimal vibration demanded in today’s HVAC/R marketplace, HITACHI semi-hermetic horizontal screw compressors are perfect for water chiller and self contained air conditioning applications with water-cooled or air cooled condensers.

HITACHI Technical Spec PDF Downloads

›  ‘002’ series field Torque Specs  ‹
›  ‘002’ service-op manual  ‹
›  4005 R-22 ratings  ‹
›  4005 R-134a ratings  ‹
›  4005 R-407c ratings  ‹
›  5005 R-22 ratings  ‹
›  5005 R-134a ratings  ‹
›  5005 R-407c ratings  ‹
›  6005 R-22 ratings  ‹
›  6005 R-134a ratings  ‹
›  6005 R-407c ratings  ‹
›  HITACHI ‘005’ Manual  ‹
›  HITACHI Field Serv. Pressure Checks  ‹
›  SR-30 MSDS  ‹
›  Suggested Maintenance & trouble shooting  ‹
›  SW220HT MSDS  ‹

Standard Compressor Configuration

The standard Hitachi horizontal screw compressor includes a built-in oil separator, solenoid valves with 120 volt coils for capacity control, oil strainer, suction gas strainer, oil sight glass, oil service valve, POE oil with corrosion-proof gas charge and sealed flanges.  The sealed suction and discharge flanges are socket style flanges suited for “OD” sizes of refrigeration copper.

The compressor is equipped with external electrical connections for the three Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) sensors, which are internally installed in the hermetic motor windings.  The electronic motor protection module, which responds to the PTC sensors, is available from AC Component Specialists (AC Component Specialists part number MOD1ZO4A)

(60 HZ)
14°F 23°F 32°F 41°F 14°F 23°F 32°F 41°F
40 4005SC-Z 331 406 494 591 34.0 35.5 37.0 39.0
50 5005SC-Z 409 501 609 729 41.5 43.5 45.5 47.5
60 6005SC-Z 504 617 750 898 51.5 54.0 56.5 59.0

1. The evaporating temperature shown is the saturated temperature of suction gas pressure to the compressor.

2. The cooling capacity based on:

• Condensing Temperature, 104°F
• Leaving Liquid Temperature, 95°F
• Suction Gas Condition, Superheat 9°F
• Refrigerant, R22